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Golden heritage
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Golden Ring
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Ростов Великий

Rostov the Great

Rostov takes one of the most important places in the Golden Ring of Russia. In spite of its old age – over 1000 years, this city remains interesting for the tourists thanks to its rich history and unique monuments of architectural and cultural heritage.

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One of the oldest and the most beautiful Russian cities on the Volga river - Yaroslavl celebrates its millennium in 2010. The opinions of historians about the date of its foundation are different, but 1010 is considered to be the most correct. The city always played an important part in the history of Russia.

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Сергиев Посад

Sergiev Posad

It had been known until quite recently under the name of Zagorsk. Sergiev Posad enters the number of towns, which enters the so called Golden Ring of Russia. It attracts many tourists because this is one of a few Russian cities full of ancient monuments.

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