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Golden Ring
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Ростов Великий

Rostov the Great

Rostov takes one of the most important places in the Golden Ring of Russia. In spite of its old age – over 1000 years, this city remains interesting for the tourists thanks to its rich history and unique monuments of architectural and cultural heritage.

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One of the oldest and the most beautiful Russian cities on the Volga river - Yaroslavl celebrates its millennium in 2010. The opinions of historians about the date of its foundation are different, but 1010 is considered to be the most correct. The city always played an important part in the history of Russia.

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Сергиев Посад

Sergiev Posad

It had been known until quite recently under the name of Zagorsk. Sergiev Posad enters the number of towns, which enters the so called Golden Ring of Russia. It attracts many tourists because this is one of a few Russian cities full of ancient monuments.

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Pereslavl-Zalesky is the ancient town of the central Russia. It is located in the Yaroslavl region. Founded in 1152 by legendary Yury Dolgorukiy, it is a pearl of Golden Ring of Russia nowadays and attracts multiple tourists with its architecture and unique nature. Prerslavl-Zalesky is located on the bank of Plescheev Lake at the mouth of the Trubezh river.

Ancient Pereslavl was famous and rich. It was on the crossroad of trading routes. Yury Doloruky was attentive to the city. The town was in the very centre of state events. It is not for nothing that the name of the town means “taking fame”. Aleksandr Nevsky was born in this town and when tsar Ivan the Terrible ruled the country the town became a stronghold of oprichniks (members of special administrative elite)and one of the main strategic points of Moscow princedom. It was approximately at that time when the second word was added to the name of the town – Zalessky, which meant “located in area beyond the forest”.

The Little Boat of Peter the Great

The end of the 17th century brought extraordinary flourishing and revival to the city. Peter I who wanted to see his country in the range of the developed military countries, decided to build the navy. “Funny Fleet”, created thanks to his efforts, became the basis of the modern navy. The estate “The Little Boat of Peter the Great” reminds of these legendary events. Now the boat “Fortuna” is exhibited on its territory in the building constructed specially for it in the 1803. This is the most beautiful boat and the pride of “Funny Fleet”.

Pereslavl-Zalessky is famous for its monuments of church architecture. Several ancient monasteries are located on its territory and some of them are active until now.

Goritsky monastery

This is an ancient monastery and was built in the times of Ivan Kalita in the 16th century. The monastery is located on the hill and is seen from any point of the town. The museum of Arts and History is situated on its territory. There are a lot of relics of Russian culture in it: rare books and ancient letters, the pictures of Russian artists.

Troitsky monastery

The monastery was built in 1532 by monk Daniil who was the Godfather of the tsar Ivan the Terrible. The walls of the cathedral are decorated with unique paintings, which are admired by specialists and lovers of Russian culture and art until now. All buildings of the monastery are built in the one style and present the complete architectural ensemble.

Nikitsky monastery

This is the most ancient monastery in the city, the history of which started in the 12th century. He received big popularity thanks to the local miracle-worker Nikita Stolpnik, who was a monk in the monastery. Nikitsky monastery is an active monastery now.

Fedorovsky monastery

It became famous after tsar’s son Fyodor was born – the son of Russian tsar Ivan the Terrible. The monastery was built in the 12th century and in 1557 Ivan the Terrible ordered to erect the Cathedral of Fyodor Stratilat in the monastery in the honor if the son’s birthday.

Nikolsky convent

It was erected by Dmitry Prilutsky in 1348. It was completely destroyed in the Soviet years. It received the status of convent after restoration. There is a Cathedral of St. Nicolas the Miracle-Worker, the Peter and Paul’s church, Annunciation church of Saint God’s Mother.

Savior Transfiguration Cathedral

Savior Transfiguration Cathedral is one of the earliest monuments of Vladimir-Suzdal architecture. The son and grandson of great military leader Alexander Nevsky were buried in the Cathedral. Grateful citizens set a monument to Alexander Nevsky on the Red Square not far from the Cathedral.

The cultural and historical traditions are followed with care. Several museums located in Pereslavl-Zalesky can tell much about the handicrafts development and daily life of citizens.

  1. Museum of iron – the collection includes more than 170 irons of different forms. New exhibits are added to the collection constantly.
  2. Museum of tea-pots – the basis of exposition includes tea-pots, sugar-basins, tea containers – everything people used for tea drinking in the 19th-20th century.
  3. The museum of handicrafts – articles used daily are represented here and appliances for handicrafts of the past.

The Berendey House is very popular with guests of the city. This is the centre of handicrafts and traditions preservation. The folklore, entertaining and training programs are held constantly there. Those who wish to taste the dishes of Russian cuisine can come to the cozy café which is located on its territory.

The nature of Pereslavl-Zalesky is worth speaking about and one of the advantages of this place. Pereslavsky National park was founded on the territory of the city in 1988 for preservation of its beauty and uniqueness. Plescheev lake, covered with legends, is a vivid example of natural sights of the region. It is located at the foot of Alexandrov mountain, which is more famous under the name “Yarilina plesh” (“Bald patch of the Sun God”). It was used for Pagan rites. The name came from it (Yarilo is a god of fertility for ancient Slavs). Yarilina plesh was a pagan shrine and it is still a place of pilgrimage for many tourists. Famous Blue Stone can be found at the foot of the mountain. It is a big boulder of 12 tons, which was brought here by the glacier. It is considered that those who touch the Blue Stone will have their cherished dream fulfilled.

There are a lot of those who wish to touch the miracle and Blue Stone. But it slowly goes into the ground, probably tired of hassle of this world or probably under the influence of earth attraction.

Ancient city Pereslavl-Zalessky has kept the richness of virgin nature and a great number of Russian culture monuments.

It is able to amaze: Peter’s boat will tell about the history of Russian military might, Yarilina bold patch will let feel the wonder and ancient churches will give piece to every soul, which wants to find piece and find and gain strength.